About Us

Older than the Internet. Fresher than the morning paper.

HREF Studios brings over 25 years of development, design, and architectural experience to bear on the everyday IT problems businesses face. Comprised of experts from local Rhode Island ventures, our team can handle any challenges related to getting your business recognized in the state, the region, or beyond.

Meet our Team

Michael J. Doran

Solutions Architect

Jonathan Dubois 

Jonathan M. Dubois

Solutions Architect

Kevin W. Middleton

Web Designer

Shaylin Gruslin

Web Designer

Elizabeth Sullivan

Account & Social Media Manager

Elizabeth Dubois

Art Director

Jason Pagano

Web Copy Writer

Our Process


Work with our talented team to plan a site or system that meets or exceeds your needs. From concept to implementation, we'll be there to work with you to assure that you are satisfied.


We'll work to make sure that your new website or system is modern and streamlined - while proudly representing the personality of your business and brand.


Our team will create a website or application that is not only aesthetically pleasing on the outside, but one that is both functional and performant, thanks to modern frameworks and programming languages.